Sunday, March 9, 2008


My name is Alan Bailward, and I'm a photographer. Well, a wannabe photographer anyway. In the early 2000s my father gave me a an old SLR of his, a Pentax P30T and a couple of lenses and I immediately went to town, carrying the thing around with me all the time and no doubt looking like a complete dork!

Time passed, and the age of the digital camera moved into it's own. I got myself a little Canon A60 point and shot, then after a while with that, and while consuming photography books and websites at a voracious rate, hit towards the upper limit I could do in terms of ISO noise and aperture restrictions. About this time (early 2004) the age of the "affordable" DSLR was coming into it's own. The original Canon Digital Rebel, the Pentax *ist-D, and the Nikon D70 were the main contenders. All were 6 megapixel, had similar features, and for all intents and purposes were equivelant.

After much deliberation and a lot of after hours consulting work, I purchased the *ist-D because it was smaller and more solid feeling than the others (to me anyway), and could use any Pentax lens, which meant that I didn't have to buy any, which meant that the cost of the body and kit lens (yea, I broke down and bought it) was the same as if I had gotten the cheaper Canon body and nice lens (which a friend of mine had).

Fast forward four years and 30,000 images later, and I decided to take the next step and purchase the Pentax K20D, and after three days with it, have no regrets!

I figured that it'd be interesting to blog some of this journey, maybe put out some hints and tips, and share what I'm up to. I have to give full kudos to The K10D Blog for inspiring me to do this, and I hope not to step on Bruce's toes in terms of content or ideas.

Really, this is just an excuse for me to completely geek out photography wise and hopfully people will find some interest in it!

Look here soon for new info!