Wednesday, March 19, 2008

K20D Review in Wired

Found somewhere on the net, Wired has a review of the K20D in their list of Prosumer DSLR cameras. I like that they note that us Pentaxians (is it ok to call oneself that, or do you have to be "recognized" by Pentax in some way first?) are the unloved stepchild in a Canon/Nikon world, and they noted some goods and bads that I hadn't seen before. I've never had complaints about the noisy shutter or AF, while the shutter sound is different from the *ist-D, I never thought of it as loud. It's also interesting that the things that made their "wired" list were items that I hadn't seen bubble to the top of the list before (though they certainly aren't ignored). From the article:

Often overshadowed by the bigger, more boisterous brands, the Pentax K20D distinguishes itself as "the little camera that could" with the leanest form factor, an easily adopted user interface, internal dust removal and image stabilization, bomber construction and weather sealing, the highest resolution (14.6-megapixels) in the group and the lowest price point.
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