Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pentax Lens Roadmap Updated

Pentax has updated their lens roadmap. Future lenses look pretty exciting. The abbreviated version is:

  • 17-70/F4 SDM
  • 55-300/F4-5.8
  • 60-250/F4 SDM
The 17-70 is probably the most exciting to me, as long as it's not too huge to lug around. My 16-45 is awesome, but sometimes just a wee bit too short. The 70mm end would give 105mm at 35mm equivalent and I don't think losing the 1mm at the wide end would be that bad. I've never used an SDM (the in-lens motor drive system for smoother and faster focusing) but I'm sure it's awesome :) The 17-70 and 55-300 in your bag would give pretty nice range and flexibility for walking around or holidaying I think.

In the prime category:
  • 15mm Limited
  • 30mm SDM
  • 55/F1.4 SDM
  • 300/F4 SDM
Also nice choices. Still no Canon-like super-long-super-fast lenses, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a 300/F4 if someone gave it to me :) Combine F4 and the decent high ISO performance and you probably have a decent wildlife lens (though the pics posted from the 500mm BIGMA lens from Sigma are pretty impressive).

I'd love to buy/play with some of the pancake or limited lenses, to see just what the difference in quality is! Also having a fast and high quality prime of "portrait" length would be cool to have for when I become "noted fashion photographer Alan" :)