Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nature Photos From Hayward Lake

Last weekend I had a nice bit of a photowalk around Hayward Lake, out in the boonies between Maple Ridge and Mission. Below are a few of the shots that I got on that day.

This shot is of a small waterfall (read: drainage creek) along the road to get to the parking lot. This combined two of the features in the K20D that are new to me coming from the *ist-D. The first is Live-View, which let me hold the camera down at my feet, right next to the water and still see the composition.

My biggest complaint with Live-View is that I am using it and the "optical" preview, which is the standard lens stop-down as you're looking through the viewfinder to determine depth of field, and there's no way to switch between the two! To change from one to the other you have to go into the menu, select custom functions, page down five pages, and change "preview mode". Ugh.

The second nice thing about the above shot is it's handheld at 3/10 of a second. A very slow speed, lets all give a "w00t!" for in body stabilization! Heck, for any stabilization for all you Nikon and Canon shooters out there :)

This is taken off the bridge separating Hayward and Stave lakes. Not much to say, boosted the contrast a bit in lightroom, and did a bit of highlight recovery to bring back some detail in the clouds.

The east end of Hayward Lake, taken off the end of a walking bridge.