Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black and White in Minnekhada Regional Park

Minnekhada Park Tree Roots Cropped

This was taken today in Minnekhada Regional Park where my wife and I went for a walk after a (very) late breakfast out in PoCo with some friends of ours. The original shot out of the camera (below) I wasn't at all impressed with. The colors were off, the sky was blown out and it looked almost under-exposed. My K20D seems to be doing a bit of underexposing lately, I'm not sure if it's me or the camera yet though.

Minnekhada Park Tree Roots Original
However, I knew there was potential there with the gnarled roots grasping the stones along the path. A bit of poking and prodding in lightroom in the form of a conversion to greyscale and a popping up of the purple, blue and aqua channels, and a bit of cropping to fill the frame more with the roots, and I ended up with what I considered a fairly nice shot! Exposure was 1/30, F4 @ ISO 200 with my DA16-45.