Monday, March 24, 2008

Photography Podcasts To Watch

To get better at photography I've found that listening to those around me, and surrounding myself with people who know more than me, and one of the resources I've found for this is podcasts.

On the top of the list, mostly due to it's more "conversational" feel, and the fact that I'm familiar with some of the hosts from other Podcasts on the TWiT network, is This Week In Photography. I was fairly impressed with the guys on this podcast as they have a varied background, and are covering all angles, with audio and video podcasts, forums on Flickr, photo contests, and so on. I also like that the "main" podcast is audio only, so it's easier to listen to while driving, walking, etc.

And before you ask, no, this isn't due to their call for help in getting the word out (I'm in Canada and not eligible for any of their prizes or promotions) :)

Lightroom Killer Tips is another good one, focused (obviously) on Lightroom and varies from both advanced and novice usage.

The Beautiful Landscape podcast. This is the newest one I've subscribed to, and have only seen one episode so far (a photo review). I quite enjoyed the review of an image that was done, and was fairly impressed as to the detail that was gone into. If you want to understand more what goes into making a good image (and they also have tech information as well) this is one to check out.

Do you have any favorites that you'd like to add?