Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Pentax K DSLR - The K-x

I'm realizing now that naming this blog after a particular camera body wasn't the smartest thing, especially now that the K-x has been released. OK1000 has some great details on it. Looks like it is basically a low end K-7 (with a $700-900 price point with lenses) and comes in funky colors. It has the picture mode stuff that the pros scoff at, has 12mp, ISO 100-12800, 720p video, HDR bracketing and a few other things from the K-7. This is to the K-7 what the *ist-DS was to the *ist-D, the lower end, affordable consumer model (not that there's anything wrong with that).


donald said...

K2OD camera feels solid to hold and now no more work with fiddly buttons and endless dials. The controls are simplicity itself, fortunately, and buck the trend in most of the complex digital cameras yet.


hitendudhatra said...

The camera is too good and functionality is too good.
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