Monday, February 2, 2009

Three Photogs to Watch

My buddy Jason sent me some notes on some photogs he knows which immediately went into my RSS reader.

  • Marco Vernaschi - A photographer working in South America.
  • Geoff White (blog) - Wedding photographer who likes to do things simpler to avoid getting lazy and not using light to it's fullest advantage.
  • Patrick Roddie - Another wedding photographer who takes simple people shots and has an affinity for the Nikon 50/1.2 1.4 (this came from a conversation about long/fast lenses (ie: the 70-200/2.8) vs short (a fast fifty).

Update: Sorry Patrick about the mistake in your favorite lens :) Here's a link to the Burning Man 2008 pics too! (hot chicks.... :)


Patrick Roddie said...

Thank you Allen; I'm flattered. But one minor correction, I use the autofocus 50 1.4. The 1.2 AI-s is an awesome lens, but if you shoot people wide open at close to minimum focus distance, a manual lens isn't practical. Oh, and do check out my Burning Man pics; they were all shot with the 50/1.4 on Velvia slide film. Yum.

Alan Bailward said...

No worries Patrick, I shall correct that right away!