Monday, February 16, 2009

PMA 2009 Predictions

DPReview has their list of PMA 2009 predictions and reports. Good place to keep an eye on for the show March 3rd to 5th. Wonder what (if anything) Pentax will show this year. I'd like to see a new body, the K20D was revealed at PMA 2008, maybe this year the K30D or the K3D will be revealed? I'd like to see a full frame body from Pentax, or an evolutionary jump for the APS-C sensor size. Not that I think there's anything really missing that I need, but to keep Pentax in the game and relevant, and maybe a third choice from the big C and N players.

What I'd love to see in the next Pentax body:

  • Better low light - in the range of the current D3 range of usable ISO 6400
  • Slightly Faster FPS / buffer - it's not bad now, but more is always better
  • Increased shake reduction - add another stop in there, or give the mode that cannon has for panning mode
  • Smaller size (I love love love the size of my *ist-D and would love the K30 or K3 or whatever it is to be just that bit smaller
  • Full frame - again, not that I need 21+ megapixels, but again, it'd be nice to have Pentax be an alternative for "pro" shooters who do
  • Some other completely random and unexpected revolutionary feature that we can't even conceptualize, such as the in-body shake reduction introduced in the K10D
What would my faithful 3 readers like to see from Pentax?

However more likely they'll show off what they have, the new 15mm Limited that was just released, and maybe a new lens. Guess we'll see in a couple of weeks!


chadvw said...

full frame
d3 like auto focus speeds
5d / d700 size and weight.