Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Microsoft "Shutter Speed" Podcast

So today on the train home I finally got a chance to watch the first (and only currently) episode of Shutter Speed, a new podcast from Microsoft and their imaging team. I was actually pleasantly surprised at it... expected a that everyone involved would be using Microsoft cameras, Vista as their OS and proclaiming that the new Vista Photo Gallery software (and the Live Photo Gallery online addon) as the next coming of imaging, all the while complaining that camera makers don't support the new Microsoft version of JPEG.

Luckily though, there was none of this. Other than a couple of references to Microsoft services, the 4 guys doing the show talked about everything from P&S choices to flickr to lens choice. The best part was (IMHO) the interview with Phil Borges, an absolutely amazing portrait photographer who took you through what's in his bag, what he does for lighting, some DIY bits he uses, how he frames, what makes a good portrait... lots of really good info in there.

Sadly the first part of the podcast dragged a bit and wasn't as easy going as my other favorite, TWiP. Of course, this was also the first podcast these guys were doing, so this is easily forgiven. Some of the content was a bit remidial in my eyes, but for newbies it was pretty good. The fact that they all agreed that the current state of megapixels was just fine for 90% of the folks out there, and the advice to immediately turn off digital zoom warmed the cochals of my heart!

It took me a long time to get to it and I'm glad I did. Now it's the wait for the next episode... I hope that this isn't like many other Microsoft endeavors that comes out really strong as the initial push is there, and falls flat immediately after (*cough* Ultimate Extras anyone?)

So to the Shutter Speed guys, keep up the good work and hurry up with posting episode 2!