Monday, August 10, 2009

BBC Series - The Genius of Photography - Is Genius

While I'm only about halfway through the 6 hour miniseries from the BBC The Genius of Photography, I have to say it's absolutely fantastic. Talking about photography and it's evolution from the very first images, though the renaissance of the new artists using it, to war and back again, it's done very, very well. Most of what hit me was how sometimes the simplest images have huge impact. Sure there are the "created" images, but some of the most powerful images that everyone has seen and knows (such as the iconic images from various wars) were just grabbed running and gunning with an all manual Leica, or shot as the photographer was thrown to the ground. No bitching about lens sharpness, or lack of bracketing, or having to go into the menus to get feature XYZ.... makes you think.