Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Praise of Hyper Program Mode

A really good article over at OK1000 about Hyper Program and Hyper Manual exposure modes.

Both these cameras [the Nikon D3 and the Canon 1D Mark III] fall down sorely when it comes to how the exposure modes are accessed. Pentax’s ingenuity here towers over them in this regard.
I've been using the green button and hyperfocal mode since my first DSLR the *ist-D back in 2004 or so and am constantly shocked that other cameras don't let me have that control. A couple of friends of mine have Nikons and I'll put them into the P mode and start twiddling the thumb and finger dials only to find that whatever I think I'm doing, I'm really not!

The article linked above actually is just a reference (as this post is) to a description of what Neil from PlanetNeil.com thinks The Best Camera In The World would be. Lots of good stuff in there though :)