Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ads Against Photographers In Vancouver

Just a quick note to make people aware of some new Translink Ads in Vancouver in prepration for the Olympics. I had thought that we were safe up here from some of the paranoid, big-brother insanity that you hear about from south of the border, but it seems note. Please note that Jennifer from the Translink's blog, has commented and explained a bit of what was going on, but the issue still is (IMHO) that the ads say to the public "suspect photographers with DSLRs", and perpetuates the impression that photography could be bad/wrong/illegal. Lets be serious here, if you're a "bad guy" and you're doing surveillance, you're going to be doing your photography way less obviously.

Anyway, there's lots of good discussion in that forum thread. Time to break out the "Photography is not a crime" stickers?