Monday, January 12, 2009

Exposing To The Right in the K20D

Found this quick one through the DPReview forums.... Daystar Visions has an article with good tips for the K20D on how to do Expose To The Right and wrangling Shake Reduction. If you don't know what Expose To The Right (ETTR) is, you can catch up on it here.

Basically it's an idea that seems really simple at first, amounting to basically "make sure the majority of the stuff on the histogram is to the right instead of the left (but not over the edge, or "clipped" of course).

However, when you dwelve into it more, such as in the luminous landscape article, you see that the reason for this is the amount of information that's stored gets progressively larger the farther right on the histogram you get. It was only after looking through articles like this for ages that the meaning of "expose for the highlights, develop for the shadows" finally clicked in my brain. Sadly I still forget to do this in practice sometimes, and end up falling back to relying on autoexposure and clicking away :)

Another nice product for this is a set of videos on exposure and the Zone System called Perfect Exposure from PhotoCafe.